Citrus By The Pool II (New Burger Menu!)

Citrus By The Pool
3 Woodlands Street 12
3-3A Woodlands Swimming Complex
Singapore 738600
Tel: +65 6366 6581
Online reservations: Click here

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 11am to 11pm
Sat-Sun & PH: 9am to 11pm

Halal status: Halal-certified
Halalicious Rating: 7.5/10
Recommended dishes: Shiok Burger (Chicken patty with chilli crab sauce – S$12.90), Snickerhead Milkshake (S$12.90) Double Chocolate Milkshake (S$8.90)

Hey guys!! I’m so sorry I’ve been so MIA – I just had a work trip recently that kind of threw my entire schedule off. Also I guess I’ve been out WAY too much and haven’t had time to properly sit down and write this review! I mean, HAVE YOU GUYS WATCHED BLACK PANTHER? NO SPOILERS OR ANYTHING AND I WON’T EVEN SAY IF IT’S GOOD OR BAD. In all seriousness though, if you don’t understand the hype, go read this NY Times article about Why Black Panther Is A Defining Moment For Black America. It was so so good and so insightful.

Also the other reason I haven’t been blogging is I have been bingeing all 4 seasons of Silicon Valley 😩😩 It’s SOOOO funny especially Erlich and Jian Yang together UGH. I can’t wait for Season 5 already!! It’s coming out in just under 4 weeks on 25 Mar 2018!

OK so let’s talk about food now. Three weeks ago I was invited by the kind folks at Citrus By The Pool to taste their new burgers and shakes menu!!


We got to try all 4!

The first burger was the Boss Burger (S$17.90 for double patty) featuring the beef-mutton patty layered with crispy fried onions, tomato slices, cucumber, lettuce and purple cabbage, smothered in satay sauce on toasted charcoal bun:


Big Boss burger (S$17.90) – 7/10


Visuals 💯


Cross section!

OK so I was really excited about this, and the satay sauce was a great touch because I LOVE satay ugh. Even the purple slaw was yummy and helped cut through the richness a little. However, the patty disappointed me in that the ground meat came apart all too easily. I haven’t tried making patties from scratch myself so I’m not quite sure why the meat doesn’t bind well together. I also thought the bun was a little dry and aerated where it should have been a little chewy with more bite. Room for improvement on this one! 7/10

Thankfully, I LOVED the cajun fries that came with the burger. They were crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, just really well done. I have to say, Citrus by the Pool consistently delivers on its fries.

Next up we tried the Shiok Burger (S$12.90) featuring a deep fried chicken thigh patty with sliced tomatoes, lettuce and a sunny side up, topped with spicy chilli crab sauce:


Shiok Burger (S$12.90) – 9/10


Cross-section of the Shiok Burger!

Mm! I really liked the Shiok Burger – the chicken patty was juicy (not unlike the McSpicy burger which, come on, is always good) and I LOVED the chilli crab sauce!! I only wish they had added more of the sauce, although I’m sure next time I could ask that they put more of that magic sauce on my burger. Honestly I didn’t even need the sunny side up as an accompaniment because the patty and sauce alone would have been enough. 9/10

Our third burger was The Big Catch (S$12.90) with a buttermilk-battered dory, crispy fried onions, tomato, lettuce and tartar sauce:


The Big Catch ($12.90) – 5/10 because I hate fish burgers SOZZZZZ


Gurl you a haht messs

Oh my, okay so it’s not really fair for me to pass my judgement on this because I am really not a fan of breaded fish. Not in fish and chips and certainly not in burgers. I swear only mums love fish burgers (sample size 2 – my mum and my sister-in-law’s mum lol). Objectively though there was too much tartar sauce on the burger which made the whole thing a slick, jelak mess. I think maybe they could have also made the tartar sauce a little zestier with more lemon juice so that it’s more refreshing. Gotta pass on this guys. 5/10

The last of the burgers was the Dainty Trio (S$10.90 for three chicken sliders, or S$10.90 for three beef+mutton sliders) in a choice of teriyaki or BBQ sauce:


Dainty Trio (S$12.90) – 6.5/10


Beef+mutton slider in BBQ sauce!

The sliders were really pretty to look at, but overall I still found them lacking. The buns were a little dry and hard, which makes it a little challenging to bite through, especially given the proportions of a slider (a burger that is taller than it is wide). I liked the crispy onions, and the tomato slice did add some juiciness. Nevertheless, neither the teriyaki chicken patty nor the BBQ beef+mutton one left any lasting impression on me.  6.5/10

On to the milkshakes!!



We tried the Snickerhead (S$12.90), Cookie Crush (S$9.90) and Double Chocolate (S$8.90):


Snickerhead (S$12.90), Cookie Crush (S$9.90) and Double Chocolate (S$8.90)

OMG guys these are soooo sinful but unffffff. The Snickerhead and Double Chocolate were both really, really delicious with Snickerhead edging out just a little. It IS 4 whole dollars more, so if you guys are trying to save some money, go for the S$8.90 Double Chocolate which is almost as good! They’re both really rich and chocolatey and really filling; perfect for one of those days when you’re just super hungry and your stomach feels concave. 9/10 for both.

The Cookie Crush was the weak link here as it tasted too milky and just a little bland. Too much cream, too little cookie taste. I would skip this flavour. 6/10

Aaand finally, as if we hadn’t already had to loosen our belts a notch after eating ALL THOSE BURGERS and drinking all those milkshakes, we went for the sundaes.

We opted for the Coco Loco (S$9.90) with coconut ice cream, nata de coco, crushed matcha cookies and gula melaka syrup, and Berry Magic (S$11.90) featuring strawberry ice cream, strawberry jam, fresh strawberries, and a strawberry biscuit roll:


Coco Loco sundae (S$9.90) – 8/10 & Berry Magic sundae (S$11.90) – 7/10

I’m not naturally a sundae person, but I thought the Coco Loco was pretty good. It helps that I have a weakness for gula melaka and nata de coco unffff. The coconut ice cream was a little tooo creamy for me; otherwise the nata de coco, the slightly bitter crunch from the matcha cookie crumbs, and the sweetness of the gula melaka syrup was a winning combo. 8/10

The Berry Magic sundae was okay – I love strawberry as much as the next person but this was a little overkill with the ice cream and the jam. The ice-cream on its own would have been pretty good – maybe they should sell it by the scoop; it would be less heavy than a whole sundae. Also S$11.90 is a little steep for what it is! 7/10

Overall a dinner of hits and misses, but I think I could probably get myself the Shiok Burger with a milkshake next time and be pretty happy with my order. That’s the benefit of having options! The location is not anywhere near my usual spots (home, office, friend catch-ups), but if I’m in the area I would definitely drop by for food. I might also consider bringing my family here for a pleasant, casual meal.

I’ll leave you guys with photos of the place and the menu:


The entrance!


A play corner for the kids and astroturf lovers, just outside the entrance


Pretty cosy!







Citrus By The Pool
3 Woodlands Street 12
3-3A Woodlands Swimming Complex
Singapore 738600
Tel: +65 6366 6581
Online reservations: Click here

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 11am to 11pm
Sat-Sun & PH: 9am to 11pm

Halal status: Halal-certified
Halalicious Rating: 7.5/10
Recommended dishes: Shiok Burger (Chicken patty with chilli crab sauce – S$12.90), Snickerhead Milkshake (S$12.90) Double Chocolate Milkshake (S$8.90)