Blue Jasmine at Park Hotel Farrer Park II

Blue Jasmine
5th Floor, Park Hotel Farrer Park
10 Farrer Park Station Road
Singapore 217564
Tel: +65 6824 8851
Online Reservations: Click here
Nearest MRT Station: Farrer Park (NE8) Exit A

Opening Hours: 1130am to 10pm daily
Dinner Buffet Hours: 630pm to 10pm on Thu-Sat

Halal status: Halal-certified
Halalicious rating: 7/10 (for the Anchan Buffet)
Recommended dishes: Rendang Prata, Banana Cheese Prata, Durian Sticky Rice
Remarks: The Anchan Buffet is available Thu-Sat at S$42++ per pax.
Introductory Offer: Enjoy 15% off from now till 30 Dec 2017!

Hey guys! How is everyone doing? Sorry I’ve been pretty MIA from my blog – I just haven’t had time to do a proper entry – work and social life have been pretty crazy. When I come home most nights, I really have to muster up all the energy I have left to wash up and then watch some Rick and Morty on Netflix to de-stress before sleeping lol. Have you guys watched any of this animated series? PLEASE GO TRY it’s so so great and funny and kooky. I’M PICKLE RIIIIICKKKK.

Anyway I’m here to talk about the newly-launched Anchan Buffet at the Blue Jasmine restaurant at Park Hotel Farrer Park! As you guys might have read, I was there last month in September trying out their à la carte menu and REALLY liked most of the food (click here for that review).

Let me take you through my experience this time around for their dinner buffet 🙂

I) Ambience

OK so this was my second time here and I KEEP forgetting to take photos of the interior, sorry! The inside seating is really cosy with beautiful floor tiles and well-spaced out tables. The real star of this restaurant, though, is the beautiful outside seating!! I love the outdoor ambience of this place, for real! It gets super romantic especially at dusk – just look at my unfiltered photos right here:




Gosh this restaurant would be the perfect venue for a really intimate wedding reception or like an anniversary party book-out.

Ambience verdict: 10/10

II) Starters

They had a decent spread of starters – a mix of cold and hot ones. From the cold starters I only tried the mango salad, which I love! I mean you really gotta strategize when you’re at buffets and try to load up on food that you truly want, so I skipped some starters.


I love mango salad!!


The two salads I did not try LOL

For warm starters there was the pandan chicken, the amazing tom yum taro chips, prawn in popiah skin, tom yum soup and also fried chicken wings.


A lil bit of errthang. Clockwise from left: Tom yum soup, pandan chicken, fried chicken wing, tom yum taro chips, prawn in popiah skin, mango salad and some prawn crackers!


All kinds of sauces and dips for your food!

Starters Verdict: I was not terribly impressed with the starters – there were a number of fried items which were not crispy anymore by the time we had them, as they had been left out in the open for a while. I spoke to the Manager and she told me that they had prepared the food early and hence the food had been sitting for about an hour or so. Disappointing, but she says they have tried to rectify this issue so the starters should be fresher by the time you guys try! Also the taro chips are the bomb tho, don’t skip those. 5/10

III) Live Station – Prata and Beef Noodles

So besides the spread inside the restaurant, the Anchan buffet also presents you with a live station out in the al fresco area. They had the Thai Beef Noodle Soup which the staff would cook for you on the spot. You can then customize it with a whole set of condiments including chilli powder, fried garlic, some basil chilli sauce, and coriander.



Condiments for the heaping 💯


Voila! The final product. That beef ball is evvvvrything.

The noodles were unfortunately undercooked, which is really quite a basic thing to get wrong, so I was a little peeved. Thankfully the soup broth itself was pretty tasty! It was a little on the sweeter side as it follows the northern Thai cuisine style, so I would recommend more chilli powder if you want your broth spicy. The beef slices were a little tough, while the beef ball was surprisingly good and succulent.

Let’s not forget they also had a roti prata station serving Roti Prata with Rendang Curry, and also Roti Prata with Banana & Cheese unfffffff.




The prata was a flaky marvel – crispy outside yet fluffy inside. The rendang was really tasty and rich, but the beef they used was rather tough, which kind of ruined my enjoyment argh.


Literally my favourite of the lot. For real. I cannot deal with writing about this and seeing it on my screen.

OMG GUYS the Prata with Banana and Cheese was the bee’s knees for real!! I mean, could I easily make this myself? Yes. But would I pay to eat this outside so I don’t have to make it myself? Also yes. I mean if you’ve already paid for the buffet, why not be utilitarian about it and go for whatever makes you happy regardless of whether “I can make this at home” or “but this would cost next to nothing at the hawker centre”. Anyway if I come back for this buffet I’m probably making the prata station my main stop!

Live Station Verdict: I would def recommend trying out both the noodles and the two prata flavours! My favourite is fsho the Prata with Banana and Cheese tho 💯 For the beef noodles perhaps tell them to cook the noodles a breath longer next time. On a separate note I think live stations and cold stations are the best parts of any buffet – you get your food freshly prepared for you in the former, and in the latter they don’t need to be heated/warm to taste good! 9/10

III) Mains

I counted 5 mains of varying proteins to go with the blue jasmine rice – roast chicken, fried seabass, lamb massman, prawn curry, and wok-fried vegetables  Did you guys know they dye the rice naturally with the dye from the blue jasmine flower?! Pretty cool eh.

Take a look at the photos of the mains here:


I reeeeaallly like this colour on the rice haha it’s so pretty.


An army of mains waiting to be eaten lol


Mmmmm roast chicken with that delicious northern-thai dried chilli “nam jim jaew” dipping sauce


One more roast chicken photo for good measure


What is Pae Sah style?!


Massaman Curry

OK so a break in the photos here to talk about the origins of the word Massaman – I just read this on Wikipedia:

Massaman or matsaman is not a native Thai word. It is generally thought to refer to the Muslims, with earlier writers from the mid-19th century calling the dish “Mussulman curry”; Mussulman being an archaic form of the word Muslim.[2][3]

Other theories contend that massaman is a southern Thai dish, influenced by Malay and Indian cuisine,[5] or that its name is derived from the Malay word masam, which means “sour”.[citation needed]

I live for random trivia like this lol. Anyway more photos:



So I got a little bit of everything on a plate to try them like nasi padang lol:


A little of Monica in my life, a little bit of Erica by my side (Basically a bit of everything)

Mains Verdict:  In all honesty, I much preferred the mains from the a la carte menu – probably because they’re freshly prepared instead of being cooked in batches for a buffet. Very, very surprisingly, I think my favourite of the lot was the Wok Fried Ridge Gourd!! The gourds were super juicy and tasty, yet light, which balanced out the heaviness of the other mains well. The roast chicken and yellow curry prawns were decent components, but the seabass and lamb unfortunately were not memorable for me. I would def load up on the prata and maybe go with 2-3 dishes for the mains if I went for the Anchan buffet the next time. 6/10

IV) Dessert

Ahh, dessert. There was quite a variety of cakes and kuehs on offer, as you can see below:


Again, I took a bit of everything and honestly all of them were pretty yummy, especially the kueh tako (extreme left) and the brown/coconutty thing that looks (and tasted) like kueh kaswi (below the tako)



Panna cotta texture was a little too creamy for me but otherwise okay


DIY coconut soft serve!! I love.


Please don’t be like my lame friend who made us one cup each but NEGLECTED to add peanuts/toppings to our coconut soft serve. They really enhance the whole dessert!


Fruits which I truly did NOT touch at all lol I was SO full by the end.

The pièce-de-résistance though was the Durian Sticky Rice, which was an irreverent take on the more ubiquitous mango sticky rice dessert:




The Durian Sticky Rice station, with the thick and delicious durian sauce on the left, and the two bowls of sticky rice in blue jasmine, as well as brown rice colours. You can spot the refreshing lemongrass drink on the right which helps quench your thirst/cut the sweetness of everything.


Ultra-sweet teh tarik (ahem the way I like it) from the teh tarik station where the staff pulls the drink right in front of you!

Dessert Verdict: OK so I think the desserts were quite delightful, and of course my absolute favourite was the Durian Sticky Rice. I’m not usually a fan of eating durian outside the home, or for that matter eating durian derivatives, but this was really quite scrumptious and comforting. I do wish they would serve like Thai Ice Tea ice cream or something lol 8.5/10

Overall verdict: I would recommend you guys try the Anchan buffet if any of these things that I’ve just talked about appeals to you. After the introductory discount and factoring in GST and service charge, it’ll only cost you guys S$42 all-in to try all the food on offer! Otherwise, I would definitely encourage you guys to check out my review of the à la carte menu here and go for that instead 🙂 7/10

Blue Jasmine
5th Floor, Park Hotel Farrer Park
10 Farrer Park Station Road
Singapore 217564
Tel: +65 6824 8851
Online Reservations: Click here
Nearest MRT Station: Farrer Park (NE8) Exit A

Opening Hours: 1130am to 10pm daily
Dinner Buffet Hours: 630pm to 10pm on Thu-Sat

Halal status: Halal-certified
Halalicious rating: 7/10 (for the Anchan Buffet)
Recommended dishes: Rendang Prata, Banana Cheese Prata, Durian Sticky Rice
Remarks: The Anchan Buffet is available Thu-Sat at S$42++ per pax.
Introductory Offer: Enjoy 15% off from now till 30 Dec 2017!

Springleaf Prata Place at Upper Thomson

Springleaf Prata Place
No. 1 Thong Soon Ave
Singapore 787431
Tel: +65 6459 6970
Open 7am-12am daily (last order 1145pm)

Halal status: Halal-certified
Halalicious rating: 8.5/10
Average spend per pax: S$10
Recommended dishes: Murtaburger (S$7), Portobello Mozzarella Cheese Prata (S$6)

Hello guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while – I’ve been so busy with family stuff, but rest assured I have been eating so much halal food and taking pictures on the reg LOL. You can check out my newish instagram account @halalicioussg for a sampler.

On to brass tacks – I know I’m so ketinggalan (left behind/outdated) but I finally got around to trying the notorious Murtaburger from Springleaf Prata Place near Upper Thomson Road!! Even then, it was at the behest of a colleague who was dying to try the Plaster Blaster, which is sort of like an eggs benedict but with prata instead of english muffin/brioche.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s have a look at the menu at Springleaf Prata Place:

Springleaf Prata Place - Menu 1

Ewah-ewah, check out their Ultimate Hawkerfest section right thurrr

Springleaf Prata Place - Menu 2

Dranks and stuff

We arrived early on a Tuesday evening, and were the second ones there (apart from the abang-abang airforce making their orders in the reflection):

Springleaf Prata Place - Ambience 1

Red, like the interior of WORD. too.

Springleaf Prata Place - Ambience

Order and pay at the counter first, so you can leave without a care in the world after you’re done eating

Springleaf Prata Place- Alfresco

If you don’t want to sit inside, you can also sit at the wilderness-adjacent tables outside

Springleaf Prata Place - Halal Certificate

So halal it hurts

So I got the Murtaburger (S$7), which features a ramly-style mutton patty wrapped in egg, and mixed in with gooey mozzarella cheese and mayonnaise, with a delicious, crispy prata folded over it:

Springleaf Prata Place- Murtabak Burger

The Murtaburger (S$7) – 9.5/10

Springleaf Prata Place - the Murtaburger


I was really worried the portion was going to be insane and it was just going to be one massive heart attack on a plate, but thankfully it was pretty sensible! I think there was only one mutton patty in this serving, although reviews that I’ve read in the past talk about a two-patty party. !!! I guess one patty is enough for me, while a second one might have taken me over the edge, so it’s all good.

The explosion of textures and tastes in my mouth when I had my first forkful, was just phenomenal. The prata was crispy, the mutton patty ultra juicy, and the cheese!! Oh, the delicious, stringy, gooey cheese was just the best. It was the most satisfying prata dish I’ve had in years. 9.5/10

My colleague had the Plaster Blaster (S$5), which features slices of ham (probably turkey) on a bed of crispy, plain prata, and topped with a beautiful poached egg with hollandaise sauce:

Springleaf Prata Place - Plaster Blaster Prata

Plaster Blaster (S$5) – 8.5/10

I thought this would be an odd combo, but strangely enough I thought the textures and tastes worked well together, especially due to the salty taste of the ham slices. Personally, I still much prefer the Murtaburger though! More is more. 8.5/10 

We were also curious to try the other specialties at Springleaf Prata Place, so we got the Special Paper Prata with Milk and Sugar (S$1.90).

Springleaf Prata Place - Special Paper Prata

Special Paper Prata with Milk and Sugar (S$1.90) – 7/10

This was a little disappointing – I don’t know what I was expecting, but this was like basically really, really, crispy prata with condensed milk drizzled all over it. I think I wanted it to be crispy on the outside but to still retain a bit of the chewiness within. Alas, this was all crisp so it was like eating plain old Khong Guan biscuits with milk and sugar on them. A novelty and worth a first try, but probably not for repeat visits. 7/10

We followed up these earlier acts pretty quickly with the Portobello Mozzarella Cheese Prata (S$6), which is basically a bougie version of the regular mushroom cheese prata:

Springleaf Prata Place - Portobello Mozzarella Prata

Portobello Mozzarella Cheese Prata (S$6) – 9.5/10

I have to say, I REALLY enjoyed this. The slices of portobello mushroom imparted a lot of flavour, whereas the relatively blander mozzarella cheese provided a beautiful stringy, oozey texture. The prata here isn’t crispy, maybe because of the cheese, so it was pretty soft and tender, which I also thought was great in this instance. A winning combination. 9.5/10 

Being the greedy guts that I was, I gatal-ly (naughtily?) ordered a bowl of Kambing Soup (S$4), just to try even though I was nearing capacity:

Springleaf Prata Place- Mutton Soup

Kambing Soup (S$4) – 7/10

The colour was not at all inspiring, as was the very discernible layer of oil, but I have to admit it tasted slightly better than it looked. Slightly only! I found it a little bland and dilute, which was disappointing. I like my mutton soup rich and ultra tasty. This was pretty weak. Luckily the chunks of mutton within were very tender and delicious, so it wasn’t all bad. 7/10

I ordered a Mango Lassi (S$3) to wash down all this food:

Springleaf Prata Place - Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi (S$3) – really delicious

The colour of the lassi was not at all inspiring, but the taste was delicious! It was sweet, not tart or sour, and you could really taste the mango in the drink. Yum.

After inhaling all of that food, we trooped out of the restaurant feeling full and satisfied. The location is a bit of a pain for a Westie like me, but I really enjoyed the specialty pratas here. I definitely foresee myself coming back here (or the Jalan Tua Kong branch) for more of the murtaburger when I’m feeling a little #PBG (perangai budak gemok, which loosely translates to fat kid behaviour).

Springleaf Prata Place
No. 1 Thong Soon Ave
Singapore 787431
Tel: +65 6459 6970
Open 7am-12am daily (last order 1145pm)

Halal status: Halal-certified
Halalicious rating: 8.5/10
Average spend per pax: S$10
Recommended dishes: Murtaburger (S$7), Portobello Mozzarella Cheese Prata (S$6)