That’s me!! (With my sopan/polite face)

Hello guys! I blog about food in my spare time because it combines my love of eating and passing my judgement on everything.

Qn: Why did you start this blog?
Me: Oh several reasons. My main thought was to provide a service to my readers, by putting up pictures of menus (who doesn’t like perusing menus and planning what they’d like to get?!), and details such as opening hours, where and how to make reservations, amateur (and frankly, at times unflattering) photos of the food, etc. I find that some halal places don’t have these information readily available on the internet, so why not have them all on my blog? Secondly it was sort of a challenge to myself to identify and eat at more halal places, instead of going to the same old halal joints or settling for less halal options. As much as I love gourmet restaurants, there’s nothing quite as nikmat as eating at a properly halal place. Thirdly, like I said, I love to eat and share my opinion so this blog was to be the avenue.

Qn: Why halalicious? Macam cheesy eh?
Me: OMG I know. I wanted to come up with something witty and catchy, and initially I had earmarked Halalujah – as in, Hurrah! More halal food! – but some of my friends thought it might offend some readers due to hallelujah’s origins in the Hebrew bible and frequent use in Christianity. I didn’t want to turn anyone off from my content which could be useful to them, so I decided on the almost aggressively anodyne and fun portmanteau Halalicious.

Qn: I’ve seen ads at the bottom of your posts sometimes. Are you making truckloads of money from advertising?!
I wish! I’m experimenting with a free ad service from WordPress called WordAds because I thought it could pay for my domain cost. For the past 5 months since I’ve started, I’ve made a whopping $2.20. That averages out to $0.44 a month. So no, not very much money at all.

Qn: Tell us more about yourself.
Me: I’m a thirty-something year-old female, gainfully employed, and I love watching TV and having brunch (and dinner. And all meals). TV + FOOD = LIFE. I like to run – for the endorphins and good cardiac health – and I try to do some lunchtime yoga about 2-3 times a week for some much-needed centering. I’m currently obsessed with Kanye West and Spotify’s amazing bespoke Daily Mix playlist. My favourite TV shows of all time are Arrested Development, 30 Rock, Game of Thrones, and It’s Always Sunny, although my more current TV diet includes Silicon Valley and The Crown. Also basically whatever’s available on Netflix.

Email me at: halalicioussg@gmail.com
Follow me on instagram: @halalicioussg



4 thoughts on “About

  1. I can’t believe I JUST found you! I’m a convert and I find it challenging to find Halal food with variety. Keep blogging! I’ll keep coming back for ideas! 😀 ❤️


    • Hi Sandy, thank you for the kind support, and yes there are great halal options if you know where to look! There are other really good halal blogs around too like The Halal Eater and Halal Food Hunt, so feel free to browse. All the best in your journey!


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