FLO – Food Lovers Only at IMM

flo (food lovers only)
IMM #02-15A
2 Jurong East St 21
Singapore 609601
Tel: +65 6896 1396

Opening Hours
Daily: 11am to 10pm

Halal status: Halal-certified
Halalicious rating: 7.5/10
Average spend per pax: n.a. because I was invited for a tasting 🙂
Recommended dishes: Corn Soup (S$8), Korean Beef Bulgogi Sandwich (S$15), Tom Yam Prawn Pasta (S$15)

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing alright. I’m a little tired today because I was watching the chilling Martin McDonagh play called The Pillowman last night at the Victoria Theatre, but let me tell you it is worth the 5000 yawns today. The play centers on an author Katourian being interrogated by the police due to some recent child murders that closely resemble his gruesome fairy-tales. It is SO dark and so chilling, and yet manages to have some moments of black humour. Brilliant staging and animation by Pangdemonium and Mojo studio! Unfortunately last night was the final performance for this round, but I hope they’ll stage it again soon here in Singapore and you guys can catch it!

OK so back to food – the nice folks at FLO invited me for a food tasting recently at their cafe FLO (Food Lovers Only), which is the halal sister of Cafe Manuka (situated at Paragon).

FLO Cafe - Ambience

Bright and airy!

Flo is located at IMM, which I know is far away from some of you, but great for a Westie like myself. Although it has its origins in New Zealand-inspired food given that it is under the Manuka group, flo is helmed by the SUPER adorable 18-year-old Chef Kim Jin Myeong. As such, you will find that their menu runs the gamut from the very kiwi pancake dish “Pikelet Stack” to a korean fusion items such as the Korean Beef Bulgogi Sandwich. I personally find it a little confusing in terms of messaging/branding, but I suppose that offers more choice to the customers.

One plus point of this cafe is that it is super kid-friendly, so feel free to bring children to this establishment! Look they even have games and books to entertain your youngins while you eat:

FLO Cafe - Kids Stuff

CRAYONS – what a bold choice lol. But look at the books!

FLO Cafe - Kids toys

Boardgames yasss. And some Minion thing which is bound to amuse the kids

Anyway on to food! We tried a LOT of dishes so I’ll break it down to you real quickly so you guys can see which ones catch your fancy and try ordering it next time!

1. Corn Soup (soup of the day) – S$8

Yum, this was surprisingly good! Corn soup is not something I would normally order for myself as I prefer alternatives like mushroom soup or clam chowder, but this managed to be creamy, tasty and light at the same time! There were bits of corn that added texture with every spoonful, which I liked. 8/10 for this dark horse!

FLO Cafe - Corn Soup

Soup of the Day – Corn Soup (S$8) – 8/10

2. Tomato Mozzarella Salad (S$12)

Honestly I’m not a huge salad person so I may be biased, but I found this a little disappointing – the mozzarella could stand to be a little creamier but it was pretty bland. This could have been mitigated by a great pesto, but the pesto was unfortunately pretty tasteless as well. I suggest you give this a miss unless you’re in the mood for a cool salad on a hot day.  6/10

FLO Cafe - Tomato Mozzarella Salad

Tomato Mozzarella Salad (S$12) – 6/10

3. flo’s Rosti Special (S$15) 

I quite liked this! The potato rosti was crispy on the outside but tender on the inside, and paired well with the runny egg. The shredded chicken on the side was a little tart, but I like the added protein to the dish, otherwise it would seem a little bare with just potatoes and eggs. 7.5/10

FLO Cafe - flo's Rosti Special

flo’s Rosti Special (S$15) – 7.5/10

4. Korean Beef Bulgogi Sandwich (S$15)

OK this sandwich was delicious and definitely my favourite of the night! The beef was juicy, tender and a little sweet thanks to the caramelised onion. The ciabatta bread was crispy and not too aerated (I hate insubstantial bread). I’m ambivalent about the chips and side salad, as the sandwich itself was good for me, but I suppose it makes up for the cost! 9/10

FLO Cafe - Korean Beef Bulgogi Sandwich

Korean Beef Bulgogi Sandwich (S$15) – 9/10

FLO Cafe - Beef Sandwich


5. Korean-inspired Marinated Chicken with Korean-style Fried Anchovies & Kimchi Fried Brown Rice (S$16)

OK firstly the name of this dish is a mouthful argh, I would highly recommend paring it down to just Korean Chicken Kimchi Fried Brown Rice, at most. Naming pedantry aside, I think this was not bad, but not mindblowing. The chicken was tender and tasty, which was what I liked most about it. I also liked the fried anchovies, which is usually one of my favourite banchan dishes at korean restaurants.

The brown rice was the weak point for me. It’s healthy-tasting, which I suppose is fine if you’re trying to make incremental changes to your diet, but the rest of this dish isn’t exactly the healthiest. I would’ve preferred white rice like a true-blue asian lol. 7/10

FLO Cafe - Korean Chicken and Kimchi Fried Rice

Korean Chicken Kimchi Fried Brown Rice (S$16) – 7/10

6. Tom Yam Prawn Pasta (S$15)

Mmm I love myself a good tom yam pasta, and flo’s version was really good! It was spicy and creamy without being too rich/jelak. The prawns were fresh and weren’t like those super turgid, flavourless types you sometimes encounter. 8.5/10

FLO Cafe - Tom Yam Prawn Pasta

Tom Yam Prawn Pasta (S$16) – 8.5/10

7. D’Orange Pasta (S$14)

Oof, guys this was a little unusual for me. Is orange pasta a thing now?! The sweet orange taste was a little overwhelming for me, it was like pasta bathed in orange juice :/ I would have preferred if the dish were overall still savoury, but with a hint of orange zest in it – something a little more subtle. 4/10 unfortunately, but if you guys think this could be your thing, by all means go for it!

FLO Cafe - D'Orange Pasta

D’Orange Pasta (S$14) – 4/10

8. Flank Steak (S$18)

This dish was a little forgettable for me – I found the meat a little dry and a little on the bland side. I like my steak juicy with a side of fries, but I mean just look at the photo – cucumber AND broccoli? Nuh-uh no way, not for me. 6/10

FLO Cafe - Flank Steak

Flank Steak (S$18) – 6/10

We moved on to dessert –

9. Bountiful Choco Brownie Waffles (S$14.50)

I am a sucker for ice cream and waffles, so I was pretty excited about this. The waffle texture was slightly crispy but remained chewy, so that was good. The ice cream itself is like any other decent vanilla ice-cream, although I would personally prefer like salted caramel or Thai milk tea flavour ice cream on my waffles 🙂  7/10

FLO Cafe - Bountiful Chico Brownie Waffle

We were also able to choose a couple of cakes to try from the wide selection that they had that night! Here is a look at the display counter:

FLO Cafe - Cake Display

Mmmm cakesssss

FLO Cafe - Cakes

It was so tough picking a flavour!!

10. Speculoos Cookie Cheesecake with Cinnamon (S$6.50)

I can’t resist speculoos anything so we opted for this in the end. I was a little disappointed that the cinnamon taste was so strong it overpowered the cheese flavour. I like my cheesecakes cheesy! I think they could’ve maybe used less cinnamon and used a little more cream cheese. The cheese part of the cake was also a little too dense, whereas I would’ve wanted it a little more moist and creamy. 7/10

FLO Cafe - Speculoos Cheesecake

Speculoos Cookie Cheesecake with Cinnamon (S$6.50) – 7.5/10

All in all I would say I had a decent time at flo. The menu is so extensive so there are bound to be both hits and misses, but I might come back for the Korean Beef Bulgogi Sandwich (S$15) if I’m in the area because it was so satisfying. Also good to note that there is no GST or service charge at this cafe, yay.

flo (food lovers only)
IMM #02-15A
2 Jurong East St 21
Singapore 609601
Tel: +65 6896 1396

Opening Hours
Daily: 11am to 10pm

Halal status: Halal-certified
Halalicious rating: 7.5/10
Average spend per pax: n.a. because I was invited for a tasting 🙂
Recommended dishes: Corn Soup (S$8), Korean Beef Bulgogi Sandwich (S$15), Tom Yam Prawn Pasta (S$15)


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