PrimaDéli’s Pandan Kaya with Gula Melaka Roll

Hey guys!

Yesterday I received two boxes of PrimaDéli’s new Pandan Kaya with Gula Melaka Roll to try. As you know, PrimaDéli is Singapore’s first home-grown bakery franchise with over 40 halal-certified outlets all over Singapore.

PrimaDéli - Pandan Kaya Gula Melaka Roll

It’s just so, so kind of these folks to send me two rolls instead of one.

PrimaDéli - Actual Roll

OK ignore the empty patches where the gula melaka got stuck to the plastic lid cover, but look at the richness of the drizzle and look at how soft the sponge cake lookssssss UNFFFF

The Pandan Kaya with Gula Melaka roll is a collaboration with celebrity chef Siti Mastura Alwi, a specialist in local-flavoured dishes and desserts.

PrimaDéli Chef Siti Mastura Alwi

Chef Siti the brains behind this new roll! Apart from heading the SSA Culinary Institute as their Principle Consultant, she also runs her own firm Siti’s Delights

PrimaDéli - Yum

Look at this disgustingly beautiful photo I got from the PrimaDéli PR team. Why are all my photos so awful and not at all like this haha

I felt pretty undeserving of those rolls that PrimaDéli wanted me to taste, like oh shizz maybe PrimaDéli made a mistake and meant to send it to some OTHER food blogger what do I do what do I do but anyway NEVER MIND if I eat it quick enough they can’t do anything to reverse it.

So the moment they delivered it to my office (contrary to popular perception I am employed and don’t just sit around all day at home in my jammies waiting for cakes to drop out of the sky, although that is a lifegoal.) I cut one roll into 7 slices and shared it with my colleagues. That’s right, share the calories and crowdsource the reviews.


Pretty pleased with myself

I took two slices for myself because I mean they’re mine so no one could object, and also I was just being greedy.

PrimaDéli - Roll slices

Check out this whimsical plate from my office pantry lol so extra

My verdict? YUM it’s really good! The gula melaka drizzle at the top is SO delicious!! On its own it can be too sweet but the subtle pandan kaya flavour from the sponge cake helps to balance it out. The sponge cake, by the way, is so moist and fluffy!! Everyone who tried it asked me where it was from and were very impressed with PrimaDéli’s latest creation.

Two of my colleagues said it was a little on the sweet side, and alright full disclosure I admit I do have a sweet tooth, so I loved it. But also you can’t have gula melaka and not have it be sweet?? And also one of the two colleagues literally bit off only the top layer of the roll (where all the gula melaka was. CASSANDRA FOR THE LOVE OF GOD YOU HAVE TO RATION IT OUT WITH EVERY BITE.) So apart from the 2 comments of the roll being a little sweet, overall the cake scored very well among us.

I must admit I have not bought anything from PrimaDéli for a few years now, but I will definitely buy a roll or two every now and then for house visits and to serve to guests at home.

PrimaDéli - Pandan Kaya Gula Melaka Ingredients

How delightful is this photo also!! I love it. Could never ever come close lol

The Pandan Kaya with Gula Melaka Roll is going for an introductory price of S$4.80 per roll from now till 31 Mar 2017, after which it will go for S$6 per roll. Still basically cheap as chips, you guys (literally like Kettle Chips are S$5?).

Visit http://www.PrimaDé to locate their outlets, , and to check out their latest specialty cake creations!

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