Ramadan Special: Halal Duck Burger from The Ugly Duckling

Ramadan Special: Duck Leg Confit Burger from Eunos MRT Bazaar!

What: The best halal Duck Confit Burger you’ll have ever had
Where: Eunos MRT Ramadan Bazaar Stall #6
How much: S$6 each or S$10 for 2
Who: The Ugly Duckling SG (@theuglyducklingsg on IG)

Hey guys! Welcome to Ramadan day 18! Gosh how did it all go by so fast? It does not feel like 18 days. Time to step it up and #taubatlikeitshot haha. I need to majorly stop being on snapchat so much 😦

Before Ramadan ends I’d like to quickly share with you guys this AMAZING burger I have had twice now:

The Ugly Duckling SG - Duck Leg Confit Burger

Duck Leg Confit Burger (S$6 each or S$10 for 2) – 10/10 come throughhhhh!

YAAAASSS. It’s called the Duck Leg Confit Burger (S$6 each or S$10 for 2) by The Ugly Duckling, also known as the guys behind Sundaymarket. Go check out their instagram @theuglyducklingsg!!

OK so my friend had been raving to high heavens about this burger so I decided to try it for myself. Man, I was not disappointed. The burger comprises two unbelievably soft sweet brioche buns, and a winning combination of tasty, shredded duck confit, orange cheddar and – get this – caramelised pineapples!! Sedapnyeeeee!!! 10/10 for sure!

I also tried the Duck Fat Cheese Fries (S$5) because why the heck not:

The Ugly Duckling SG - Duck Fat Cheese Fries

Duck Fat Cheese Fries (S$5) – 7.5/10

Yummmm who doesn’t love good sloppy cheesy fries! I really like this but I’ve had it twice now and it’s a bit of a hit or miss. The skin-on fries are rustic and not your usual fat crispy fries, which is ok, but I also wish they had more bits of shredded duck in it, that would’ve been the absolute BOMB. I also tasted something mildly oniony in there, which no I’m not a fan of. It’s all subjective though. The fries are good to have but if you can only make space for one item, dear God please let it be the Duck Confit burger!!! 7.5/10

The guys at the booth are ever so, so nice. On my second visit I bought a burger, ate it on site, and proceeded to buy 2 more for my family to try, and they threw in a cheese fries on the house so my family could try it too! SO NICE LOVE THEM.

And another funny story – on my first visit  I had just placed my order and was the only one in line (it was 530pm). Suddenly this guy came up and spoke to the crew and it went a little like this:

Guy: OMG I had your burger yesterday and I have to say it’s really the best. It’s so good it’s restaurant quality I’m telling you! It’s there! It’s great.(meanwhile the crew were looking touched and in slight disbelief)
Guy: I’m gonna bring my brother here later tonight. What time do you guys close!
Crew: We close at 1030pm (ok I can’t really remember but I *think* they said 1030pm)
Guy: Great I’ll come by later. Thanks man, really really good burgers.

So I was enjoying this rather amusing declaration of love, and it was so enthusiastic that I was almost going to joke like “haha you guys planted him to impress me right!” until one of the crew looked down and uttered a very intense “alhamdulillah”. Oops, so glad I didn’t make that joke. Well the point of this story I suppose is just to let you guys know there are lots of ravers of this burger; my friends, myself, and this nameless guy included.

Go try it now before the bazaar closes! I’ll leave you guys with some photos of the menu etc:

The Ugly Duckling SG - Menu 2

The beef rendang lasagna is apparently available at their brick and mortar Sundaymarket Cafe, but the duck confit burger is a ramadan special that will only reappear once The Ugly Duckling get their food truck ready sometime towards end 2016

The Ugly Duckling SG - Menu 1

Mmm duck fat cheese fries. Please add more duck guys!

The Ugly Duckling SG - Menu

OK maybe I should try the other 2 burgers.

The Ugly Duckling SG - Waitr Pre-Order App

OK IDK anything about this app but it’s there and lets you order ahead so feel free to use it if you aren’t a Luddite like me.

The Ugly Duckling SG - Takeaway Cheese Fries

The take-me-home box for the Cheese Fries!

The Ugly Duckling SG - Takeaway Duck Burger

How cute is the takeaway sticker!!

What: The best halal Duck Confit Burger you’ll have ever had
Where: Eunos MRT Ramadan Bazaar Stall #6
How much: S$6 each or S$10 for 2
Who: The Ugly Duckling SG (@theuglyducklingsg on IG)


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