The Bravery on Horne Road

The Bravery
66 Horne Road
Singapore 209073
Online menu: Click here
Remarks: No gst, no service charge

Opening Hours
Mon, Wed-Fri: 9am to 6pm
Sat-Sun: 8am to 7pm
Closed on Tuesdays

Halal status: all dishes are made with halal ingredients
Halalicious rating: 7.5/10
Average spend per pax: $22 for a drink and a main

Hey guys! Another puasa day another review. How is everyone doing? Hope each day is better than the last. The mood this year for me is  #taubatlikeitshot (thanks Abang Snoop!) and I really hope to become a better Muslim, Sisyphean though the task may seem!

Aaaaanyway, have you guys been to the Bravery café near Jalan Besar? I went there last Saturday for the third time ever to refresh my impression of the café. I mean, there’s really no two words about it, The Bravery is about as hipster as it gets. Check out the Bravery FAQ on their website and you’ll see why!

The Bravery Café - Outdoor Table

Look at the outdoor tables. So hipster aiyoh.

Located on Horne Road which is quite isolated compared to other similar establishments, The Bravery offers its patrons a quiet respite on any given weekend. There are individual tables, as well as communal tables with newspapers for you to read while you wait for the food to arrive.

The Bravery Café - Exterior Facade

There’s the door in the middle. Lots of people seem to have problems finding it, including my friend whom I spotted from the inside, walking around right past the door and around the back entrance LOL

The Bravery Café - Sir Mixalot

Any Sir-Mix-A-Lot reference, no matter how cheesy, gets a plus in my book!

The Bravery Café - Table Decor

Did I mention the centrepiece for the communal table is an aluminium foil horse? It’s beyond great.

The Bravery Café - Decor Viam Light Experience

Also you get a bonus light installation by lifestyle brand MUKK. I have no idea how long it’ll stay here, but I really like it IDK

The Bravery Café - Viam Light Experience

So yes the interior decor gets an A- for me. The – comes from the uncomfortable chairs, some of which are backless.

Here’s a look at the Bravery menu:


My friend got the Flat White (S$4.60) with an extra shot for an added $0.50. He wanted it to be known that when he asked the waitress if the Flat White came with a single or double shot, the waitress didn’t immediately know, and had to check. I was like, hey dude that’s fine right, and he was all “no, they should already know this.” Divas, oy!

Anyway I got the Iced Raspberry Tea (S$5.50) which was delish and had bits of raspberry seeds at the bottom, in case you doubted the authenticity of the tea LOL.

The Bravery Café - Flat White and Iced Raspberry Tea

Flat White (S$4.60) // Iced Raspberry Tea (S$5.50)

So for my main, I got The Prime Burger (S$18), which consists of prime cut beef patty, aged cheddar cheese, Spanish onion, Roma tomato and baby arugula. According to the website it’s supposed to come with truffled potato chips, but first of all I’m not sure if they meant chips in the British way (which would then mean fries), and second of all my burger came with French Fries that did not taste truffled.

The Bravery Café - The Prime

The Prime (S$18) – 7.5/10

The Bravery Café - The Prime Burger

The Bravery Café - The Prime Burger Cross Section

Mmm that patty

OK quick sidebar, I can’t believe I’m voluntarily reviewing food when I’m fasting. Cobaan… (Tests or trials). Back to the food – I thought the patty was really good quality, but was just a little dry. Not unlike the patty from The Lab SG, this one needed more binders or whatever holds the ground meat together. Still, not a big deal – you can taste the quality beef in the patty. Also I had asked for no onions, and I suspect the onions would have made the burger juicier.

My real gripe is reserved for the bun 😦 The bun was a little too aerated and insubstantial, with hardly any bite and none of that chewiness that I look for in a good, solid, burger bun.

Apart from that, the tomato added a nice tang and the rocket provided a delicious nutty flavour – wish there had been more of it, together with more cheese! More cheese is always a good idea. 7.5/10

My friend got the Holy Crab (S$14.50), which is the béchamel crab cakes with sautéed mushrooms and a poached egg, together with some side salad.

The Bravery Café - Holy Crab Crabcakes

Holy Crab (S$14.50) – 7.5/10

The Bravery Café - Holy Crab

Another angle for good measure

His first reaction was “That’s it? So small? This is why I hate café food” LOL. And I mean, I have to agree. I’m definitely a daintier eater than my friend who is a veritable food monster, but come on man these were like 3 very small begedils. To make matters worse, another major flaw is that the coating was too big for the crab filling – when we cut through one crabcake, we could feel the shell giving way for a split second before the knife actually touched any crabmeat. So yes, major problems with the portion.

Size aside however, I really liked the taste of the crab cake, and there is truly no way to screw up sautéed mushrooms, so I enjoyed the taste and texture of them both very much. The poached egg was a little overcooked so it wasn’t as runny as we wanted, but I’ll allow it. 7.5/10 for this dish with 0.5 docked because of the portion.

All in all, I had a pretty good time at the Bravery largely due to the quiet, very laidback, easy-like-Sunday-morning, ambience of the place. The food is OKAY, like it’s not life-changing, but I definitely see myself coming back for more of like, the avocado toast with smoked salmon, while I read my New Yorker, that sort of thing. Also maybe I’ll check out the widely-Instagrammed Pancake Stack (S$15) because who doesn’t love ricotta pancakes!! YUMMM. I’ll def update with another post the next time I’m here 🙂

The Bravery
66 Horne Road
Singapore 209073
Online menu: Click here
Remarks: No gst, no service charge

Opening Hours
Mon, Wed-Fri: 9am to 6pm
Sat-Sun: 8am to 7pm
Closed on Tuesdays

Halal status: all dishes are made with halal ingredients
Halalicious rating: 8/10
Average spend per pax: $22 for a drink and a main

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