Chai Chee Seafood Restaurant on Changi Road

Chai Chee Seafood
359 Changi Road
Singapore 419821
Reservations: +65 6841 2002

Opening Hours
1130am to 1130pm Daily

Halalicious rating: 8.6/10
Average spend per pax: S$49
Recommended dishes: chilli crab, kangkong belacan, salted egg sotong 

***Edited to add: Hey guys, the good folks at Chai Chee Seafood have contacted me to say some of the prices in their menus have changed, so the prices in my review might be outdated, and I’ve also had to take down pictures of the old menu. Please take note, and don’t fret my beautiful readers, price changes are a part of life! 🙂 As long as the food remains worth paying for, it’s all good fam ***

So I was mad craving some seafood the other day, and I don’t mean like fish and chips. I’m talkin’ roll up your sleeves, get ALL your fingers dirty, eating to the point of pain, all-out seafood marathon. So I dragged my loyal lunch buddy to a seafood feast at Chai Chee Seafood, near Eunos.

Here’s a lowdown of the dishes we got, one by one:

  • Kangkong Belacan (S$10 for medium)

Chai Chee Seafood Kangkong

Chai Chee Seafood Kangkong Belacan

Kangkong Belacan Verdict: LOVED IT. It was so perfect you guys. The belacan taste was strong (which I like), and the kangkong was perfectly coated in the slightly spicy sauce. Each bite was super juicy and flavourful. 10/10

  • Thai Style Chicken (S$9 for small)

Chai Chee Seafood Thai Style Chicken

Chai Chee Seafood Thai Chicken

Thai style chicken verdict: This was my least favourite dish of the night. The chicken batter was very dense and uneventful, whereas I prefer my batter light and crispy. The chicken meat itself was a little dry, and to be honest the Thai sauce wasn’t memorable either. Save your stomach space for the seafood, folks! 6/10

  • Salted Egg Sotong/Squid in Small (S$9)

Chai Chee Seafood Salted Egg Yolk Squid

Chai Chee Seafood Salted Egg Sotong


Salted egg sotong verdict: YOU GUYS. This. I mean, it was so good. Loved it for real. The batter was light and fluffy, with a decent salted egg taste. The curry leaves were DIVINE – crispy, and flavourful. The squid itself also tasted very fresh, which I was slightly surprised by. Most places tend to take the freshness of the seafood not very seriously, especially if it’s going to be coated/camouflaged in batter (think of all the bad calamari you’ve had). Thankfully, Chai Chee seafood isn’t one of those places. The salted egg squid was delicious. My only gripe is that it isn’t a creamy sauce. I love when they do a real, creamy, sinful, salted egg sauce instead of the batter version. 9/10

  • Chilli Crab in Small (S$50)


Chai Chee Seafood Chilli Crab

Drooling all over my desk, you guys.

Chilli crab verdict: The sauce was very spicy, and very shiok! However, it had a lot of “bits” in it, so you’d find yourself crunching on chilli seed or some other unidentifiables when you try to sip the sauce – let’s assume they’re veggies. Also it didn’t have that signature chilli crab sauce taste. I’m not quite cure how to describe it. All I can think of is, while the sauce was very delicious, I don’t necessarily think it’s the usual chilli crab sauce. The crab portion was way generous though, so my friend and I had a field day. 9.5/10

Oh, oh, AND! I think it was a female crab because it had LOADS of that orange roe. I ate it all, folks. All. It was delicious and my cholesterol is probably at 5000 now. (Deliberately chose a large number because frankly I don’t even know what the healthy/unhealthy range is).

Chai Chee Seafood Chilli Crab Mantou

Is that orange thing peeking out the roe? Because if it isn’t I just ate a bunch of nasty innards I wasn’t supposed to eat 😦

Chai Chee Seafood Mantou Buns

The fluffy mantou buns that can be ordered separately from the chilli crab, at a mere S$1.50 for 4 pieces! But we were given 5, so I guess the kitchen loves us.

Chai Chee Seafood Chilli Crab Overview

A hasty #flatlay of the table, taken mid-meal. Note the 5 mantou buns.

All in all, I really had a great time at Chai Chee Seafood, and would definitely come back! For all that we ordered and ate, I think the prices are reasonable. Service was very quick and efficient, without being brusque. At one point my friend ordered another can drink, but her hands were covered in chilli crab sauce, so she meekly asked our waiter if he could help her open the tab. He gave a good natured laugh, proceeded to pull the drink tab and poured it into the cup for her! Service is not dead, people.

We went on a Tuesday evening so it wasn’t very full at all. There were probably only 3 groups of diners. There is plenty of seating though, both indoor (air-conditioned) and outdoor. I reckon it would be a great place for family seafood feasts! Also don’t worry, they have a sink if you want to wash your hands after destroying all the seafood on your plate, plus washrooms too. You’re sorted, guys.

The website’s menu section doesn’t really list out the prices of the items, plus I don’t think it’s a comprehensive listing, but I’m sure you will find the prices are reasonable for the quality of the food that you’re getting!

Chai Chee Seafood
359 Changi Road
Singapore 419821
Reservations: +65 6841 2002

Opening Hours
1130am to 1130pm Daily

Halalicious rating: 8.6/10
Average spend per pax: S$49
Recommended dishes: chilli crab, kangkong belacan, salted egg sotong 

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