Watsub at East Village (Permanently Closed)

**Watsub is now permanently closed 😦 **

#01-12 East Village
430 Upper Changi Road
Singapore (487048)
Tel: +65 8130 2323

Opening Hours
Mon : Closed
Tue – Thu : 10:00am – 9:00pm
Fri : 3:00pm – 10:00pm
Sat – Sun : 10:00am – 9:00pm

Halalicious Rating: 9.5/10
Average spend per pax: ~S$10
Recommended dish: Pulled Beef Sandwich!

Hello everyone! Are you guys on Netflix yet? IT IS AMAZING. I’ve wasted probably half my life on Making A Murderer. It’s a gripping reality/documentary show about this guy Steven Avery who was exonerated after serving 18 years in prison for a wrongful rape conviction, only to be accused of murder while he was trying to sue the county for said wrongful conviction. Isn’t that crazy? It’s major. Please get on the monthly $11-17 plans STAT.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me tell you guys about Watsub, this amazing halal sandwich shop I went to last weekend! I happened to be at the Simpang Bedok area with my friends (ok full disclosure, we were doing afternoon karaoke!! Oh the shame! 😦 ) so we we were trying to pick out a dinner spot from the myriad options at East Village, and we ended up at Watsub!

Watsub Logo

Watsub Sandwich Pictures


It’s a pretty cosy joint that can fit maybe 15 people, but they also have outdoor seating so never fear!

Watsub Interior

Watsub Opening Hours

Closed on Mondays, open 3pm on Fridays to accommodate Friday prayers yay, and 10am opening on all other days 🙂

Based on their Facebook page, it seems they’ve been open since about April 2015. Gosh that’s a full 9 months ago, and I’m only finding out about them now! This is the life of a Westsider folks. Anyway here’s a look at the menu:

Watsub Menu

Watsub Menu 2

Not only regular sandwiches, but sliders and quesadillas! YUM.

So first Step 1 they make you choose your bread type (unless you’re getting the non-sandwich options like the sliders, chilli dog, or quesadilla):

Watsub Bread

The selection that Saturday comprised sesame, multigrain, ciabatta, or focaccia

Then Step 2 you tell them what you want from the menu, and they’ll pick the meat/fillings from there:

Watsub Meat

Watsub Counter

You can see them preparing some ciabatta with turkey ham and slices of cheese. CHEEEEESSSSSE YUMMMMM

And Step 3 you choose your sauce:

Watsub Sauces

Why would you even choose anything other than smoked chipotle, GOSH (ok fine I think the trio mustard would taste pretty damn awesome with the roast beef sammich)

Watsub Prep

A closer look

And finally Step 4 you choose the vegetables to ruin accompany your meat fillings:

Watsub Veggie

EEEEE onions please step to the left.

You can also choose to top up S$2.50 for a Combo Meal which includes a soft drinks, and a choice of (a) Mushroom Soup, (b) Roasted Potatoes and (c) Tortilla Chips with Salsa.

Watsub Combo Meal

Watsub self service drinks

Gotta work for that self-service drank

After an eternity of deliberating I went for the Pulled Beef Sandwich (S$8.50) on ciabatta bread, with smoked Chipotle sauce and some colourful bell peppers as my veggie. I also ponied up the additional S$2.50 for a combo meal, opting for the mushroom soup and a can of Heaven & Earth mango tea.

Watsub Mushroom Soup

YUMMMMMM this soup is like the anti-Campbell soup. 10/10

Watsub Meal

That’s my pulled beef sandwich right there on the left.

Watsub Pulled Beef

Tadah! Looks like a leathery hide, but trust me it was delish.

So this masterpiece was an absolute delight. According to the Watsub website, the Pulled Beef is their signature sandwich, using meat that has been cooked for over 8 hours and left to steep in its own juices for. Just, tremendous.

I bit into it ravenously and found the shredded beef meat exceptionally tender, juicy, and flavourful, particularly when complimented with the heaty, smokey Chipotle sauce. (I had to Google this – Chipotle sauce is made from chipotle chillies, mayo, cumin, cilantro, salt, Greek yoghurt) YUM. I cannot get the juiciness of the tender meat out of my mind – even describing it here alone makes me SO HUNGRY for it. 10/10

One of my friends went for the Meatball Sliders (S$8.50), which consisted of 3 mini beefball burgers:

Watsub Sliders

She chose onion and tomatoes (UGH)

Watsub Beef Slider

A cross-section. Look how juicy the meatball is!!

So I had to artfully bite around the onion so as to avoid it, and YES I loved what I tasted. The meatball was really very tender, and flavourful on its own. I loved that. The buns were soft and basically it was a very juicy bite for me. My issue with regular meatball subs is that the meatballs tend to run around in the sandwich so you get pockets of empty bread, but with these carefully apportioned sliders, you really get the perfect bread/meat ratio. 10/10

Our other friend opted for the Chilli Dog (S$5.90) which consists of a chicken sausage hotdog with chilli con carne (which just means chilli with meat in Spanish) and cheese!

Watsub Chilli Dog

My friend added the jalapeños, yum!

I liked this too you guys! The chilli con carne taste was quite strong, which meant it was very delicious and savoury. The sauce is also slightly heaty for a mini kick. I thought the bun was a little too soft – perhaps another bun with slightly less give and a little more chewiness? But hey for S$5.90 I sure like what I’m getting 🙂 9/10

My friend got the roasted potatoes as her Combo Meal side:

Watsub Roasted Potatoes

Mm I thought these were ok – pretty standard roasted rosemary potatoes (I love all potatoes) but I reckon the mushroom soup is tastier if you don’t need the extra potato carbs to fill you up. 8/10

So that’s it for the food. I love this place and will DEF try to come back more often! I will leave you guys with photos of the decor:

Watsub Decor 1

Watsub Coke 2

Novelty Coca-Cola cans with “Encik” and “Abang”! SO CUTE.

Watsub Coke 1

Novelty cans with “Atuk” and “Nenek” (grandpa and grandmawww)

#01-12 East Village
430 Upper Changi Road
Singapore (487048)
Tel: +65 8130 2323

Opening Hours
Mon : Closed
Tue – Thu : 10:00am – 9:00pm
Fri : 3:00pm – 10:00pm
Sat – Sun : 10:00am – 9:00pm

** Watsub is now permanently closed 😦 **

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