Kowloon Express at 321 Clementi

Kowloon Express
321 Clementi, #01-01
Eng Wah Cinema Mall
Singapore 129905
Reservations: +65 6250 0833

Opening Hours
Daily: 11am to 10pm

Halal status: 100% muslim-owned, and MUIS certification in process
Halalicious Rating: 9.5/10

Average spend per pax: S$19

***Edited to add: please note the menu and prices have changed slightly since this old review! For updated menu and pricing, please refer to my latest review of Kowloon Express :)***

I LOVE good dim sum. Unfortunately, it’s so hard to find halal ones in Singapore outside of the usual suspects like Tang Tea House. I despaired of finding halal dim sum west of Bedok until a couple of months ago, when my friends brought me to Kowloon Express at Chinatown Point, near Clarke Quay. It wasn’t a restaurant; it was a takeaway kiosk where you could order super yummy halal dim sum to go. You could even buy frozen packs of it to bring home and DIY. The auntie working that night told us the owners were planning to open their first brick and mortar outlet in Clementi, and boy were we excited when we found out a month ago that the new restaurant was finally ready!

Located on the ground floor of the new mall 321 Clementi, Kowloon Express has wallpapers of the Hong Kong skyline, as well as red lanterns everywhere:


Definitely not Instagram-worthy

The restaurant is a little out of the way for most people who consider Simpang Bedok or Jalan Kayu their backyards, but for a Westie like myself, having a halal dim sum restaurant in our neck of the woods is such a blessing. As an aside, have you guys heard Big Sean’s song Blessings? Its SO GOOD please check it out. What’s also great is this sign I saw at the restaurant:


So much better than all the Keep Calm signs. Also, I saw another one that said No Pau No Power. So great.

Here’s a look at the menu:

Kowloon_Express_Menu_Pau Kowloon_Express_Menu_rice

Differentiating itself from the Chinatown Point Kiosk, Clementi’s Kowloon Express also offers other dishes, along with noodles and rice, on top of the standard dim sum fare. Good to have, in my opinion, but I plan to gorge myself on baskets upon baskets of dim sum, thank you. Upon deciding our orders, we were made to fill in the order form before passing it to the servers.


One of Kowloon Express’ specialties is their Charcoal Salted Egg Custard Pau (S$4.50 for 3 pieces), which is just like a regular salted egg pau but with charcoal pau instead:


Grey and shiny, just how I love ’em

I ordered both the regular and the charcoal ones – they were both amazing. The texture of the bun is perfect – smooth and a little waxy on the outside, but once you get past the initial coat you get this chewy, fluffy, thick bun whose quality is just top notch.




Oozy and delish – the regular white bun edition

If I pay just a little attention, I can taste the difference between the regular white bun and the charcoal one. For certain, the charcoal bun tastes better! I can’t explain it, you guys should try! These pau’s of joy are an undoubted 10/10 in my books.

Also, I took a video of the ooze, just so you guys can also experience the wonder:

And another one:

We tried the Prawn Wanton ($4.20 for 4 pieces):


This was aiiight – I didn’t think it was great. Don’t get me wrong, the fried wanton skin was perfectly crispy and not at all oily, but it just wasn’t as special as the other options. 7/10 for me, and I would definitely recommend foregoing this in favour of the Deep Fried Crispy Fish Skin (S$5.80):


Guys. I mean. This was SO AMAZINGGG and I’ve been unable to stop thinking about it since then. Are they coated with addictive drugs?- they are so addictive and so yummy. The texture is crispy and incredibly light – there are no hard bits that will leave you worrying about the longevity of your molars. I don’t know how they do it, but these salmon skin strips did not taste at all oily. They were light, crispy, and umami. Eventually I ended up ordering a whole other plate because I really could not get enough of it. Best decision ever. 10/10 for these bad boys, and here’s another photo for good measure:


We also ordered the Chilli Crab Pau ($4.50 for 3 pieces):




This was also really yummy, I was very happy with it. The bun was soft and fluffy, just like the description in the menu touted, and the filling was delicious! Very tasty and fragrant, I wish I’d had space for more. 10/10

Other things we ordered were the Shrimp Har Kow ($4.20 for 4 pieces) and the Beancurd Prawn ($4.20 for 3 pieces), which we got in both the steamed and fried versions:


Basically we were too excited to eat the Har Kao and I forgot to take a photo before we all stuffed our faces 😦 We combined the one remaining dumpling with the beancurd prawn so it wouldn’t look so sad


The fried version of prawn wrapped in beancurd skin! Really yummy too, but I prefer it steamed.

I can’t fault these 3 items either, they were all amazing. My personal preference between the steamed and the fried versions of the Beancurd Prawn would be the steamed one, though with the slimmest of margins. The crystal skin of the har kao dumplings was just right – slightly chewy, did not break too easily, and most importantly not too tough. The beancurd prawn was also really, really flavourful. There were these bits of green leaves in it which I think was coriander, and gurl, I luhhhhh coriander. The taste wasn’t too strong, but just enough to keep it interesting. 10/10 for the Shrimp Har Kow, 10/10 for the steamed beancurd prawn, and 9.5/10 for the fried beancurd prawn.

Just a note – if you are looking to break your fast here, please make reservations in advance! Tables fill up pretty quickly. I had my iftar dinner here and am pleased to announce they push the food out fairly quickly so you’ll have something to eat by the time Maghrib rolls around, and they also provide dates 🙂


I really love dates. They taste so nutritious and full of energy after a full day of fasting and feeling concave.

Also, a special mention is warranted for the chilli that they serve here, which is truly a marvel. It’s a special homemade recipe that packs a punch. I can’t describe it, it’s just delicious. Please go try it today! I wish they sold them by the bottle!


Forget about everything else and go for that chilli in a bottle.

All in all, I would DEFINITELY come back to Kowloon Express for the delicious food and great service. The co-owner himself (he owns it with his wife!) was there at the cashier counter, taking orders and taking payments with a jovial attitude. Our waitress was doling out service with a smile and industriously clearing our tables of empty steamer baskets. SO MUCH LOVE. The terrible seating, though, can step to the left. I’m hoping once business stabilizes they’ll change to better chairs 🙂

Speaking of chairs, I forgot to mention that one of my friends brought along her toddler of almost 2 years, and he loved the salted egg pau, AND he ate the salmon skin as though they were chips! It’s really quite a kid-friendly place. Plus, they have those standard white baby chairs here so you can park your kid in a seat and eat in relative peace. Plus points!

Kowloon Express
321 Clementi, #01-01
Eng Wah Cinema Mall
Singapore 129905
Reservations: +65 6250 0833

Opening Hours
Daily: 11am to 10pm

Halal status: 100% muslim-owned, and MUIS certification in process
Halalicious Rating: 9.5/10

Average spend per pax: S$19

***Edited to add: please note the menu and prices have changed slightly since this old review! For updated menu and pricing, please refer to my latest review of Kowloon Express :)***


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