La Marelle on Baghdad St

La Marelle Cafe
25A Baghdad Street
Singapore 199664
Opening Hours
Wed-Mon (closed on Tue): 10am to 11pm
Notes: Order and pay at the counter; no GST and no service charge!

Halal status: Muslim-owned
Halalicious Rating: 7/10

Average spend per pax: S$25

For the past 2-3 years, I have been taking Arabic lessons at the Al-Markaz institute, located on the 2nd floor of Wardah books on Bussorah Street. Over the course of these years I’d forged a real bond with some classmates, and together we went for classes every Saturday morning from Modern Standard Arabic Level 2 to Level 7. These friends provided a great support system – texting me the homework that I had missed from the classes I’d skipped, sharing their grievances about the grammatical difficulties of Arabic, etc. Arabic is so tough; I cannot tell you how many lessons I’ve pontenged (skipped), only to regret it the following week when I have twice the amount of homework to catch up on. The struggle is very real, my friends, so I was thankful to have these folks to motivate me.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. About 2 to 3 months ago, in an egregious act of betrayal, my Arabic gang decided not to advance to Level 8 with me, leaving me in the absolute lurch 😦 Luckily, they missed our teacher so much (he’s so amazing) that we decided to organise a reunion lunch together with him after class a few weeks ago. The place we decided on was La Marelle.

The first time I went here a couple of years ago the menu was rather limited, but I am happy to announce they’ve expanded it quite impressively since. Here’s a look at the items on the menu:


I mean who DOESN’T love all-day breakfast! YUM.


I LOVE halloumi cheese!! Why is baguette not spelled correctly?

IMG_3988 IMG_3991 IMG_3993IMG_3987 IMG_3994

Here are some photos of the decor of the place. The cafe comprises two levels, located on the second and third floors of a typical Arab St shophouse. The acoustics are pretty terrible especially if you have a big group on the third floor – it gets really loud and you’ll have trouble hearing your friends!


The ‘upstairs’ loft-style dining area


View of the main dining floor from above! Very trippy and whimsical. It’s like an Alice tea party!


They sell miscellaneous goods and sundry in the cafe too, which is pretty cute. You can look around while waiting for your order!

Orders are placed and paid for at the counter on the main floor, so the prices you see on the menu are actually nett prices. Yay to no service charge!

I can never resist a good steak so naturally I opted for the Grilled Striploin Breakfast (S$17) from the All-day Breakfast menu. It comes with roasted potato cubes, a sunny-side up, and a side salad, as such:


The sunny-side up and the toast were perfect, I thought. The toast was lightly toasted and the egg yolk was suitably runny and DELICIOUS. The potato cubes were not as tender as I would have liked (try the beef hash at Fika, the potato cubes absolutely melt in your mouth!), but they tasted decent. As for the striploin pieces, I honestly have to say I thought they were a little dry. The seasoning was adequate; the meat tasted spicy/sweet at the same time, in a good way. I think the steak could have been juicier if it had been a little rarer, like maybe medium instead of medium well. I was really quite full from all the carbs and the protein, that I didn’t really touch the salad, so no comment for that! Overall, I think this dish just barely made it to 7/10.

I also got myself one of the mocktails – the Peach Mojito ($8), although it also comes in lychee, mango, and strawberry flavours.


This was good and very refreshing, and look at the cute coaster!!


ASTAGHFIRULLAH. Haha I love the cognitive dissonance. And the surfer shark.

I took some photos of what my classmates had, so you guys know what some of the other items look like!


The French Classic Stuffed Croissant (S$15) with assorted deli meats and cheese in it! When reached for comment, my friend responded with “not memorable”.


The Spaghetti Bolognaise (S$13) which came in a HUGE portion; my friend was struggling to finish it! She said this was quite plain and she got jelak after a while.

All in all I think La Marelle is one of those safe, cute cafes you can bring your friends to. The location is great, since it’s just a 1-minute walk from the Sultan Mosque. Based on what I had, I don’t think the food is amazing, which is a pity. That being said, I wouldn’t mind coming back for the decor and the location! Plus, the menu is pretty extensive so I should probably try some other items, which could turn out to be really great.

La Marelle Cafe
25A Baghdad Street
Singapore 199664
Opening Hours
Wed-Mon (closed on Tue): 10am to 11pm
Notes: Order and pay at the counter; no GST and no service charge!

Halal status: Muslim-owned
Halalicious Rating: 7/10

Average spend per pax: S$25

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