The Lab SG at Jalan Pisang (Permanently Closed)

**The Lab is permanently closed ūüė¶ **

The Lab SG,
1 Jalan Pisang, #01-01,
Singapore 199069

Reservations (only for 6-15 pax): + 65 6299 5681

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 1230pm to 10pm (last kitchen order 915pm)
Sundays: 1pm to 930pm (last kitchen order 845pm)

Halal status: Muslim-owned
Halalicious rating: 8/10

Average cost per pax: S$23

I really love the Arab Street area, teeming with halal restaurants and cafes including, but not limited to, Bumbu, Fika, Rumah Makan Minang, I AM Cafe. One of the newer restaurants there is called The Lab SG, at Jalan Pisang, which is where Fluff Bakery also resides!

The Lab SG is a small cafe with limited seating Рbe prepared to queue for a considerable amount of time unless you are eligible for reservations, which is limited to parties of between 6 and 15 pax. I was here on a Friday night with some friends; there were 10 of us so we managed to snag a table in advance, but the other diners were not as lucky Рthe line outside was really quite long.


A bottle containing a napkin with the word “chope” on it to denote a reserved table! How cute!

The ambience is lovely, especially at night for dinner – warm, low-lighting, with good music on. The counter area is particularly pretty, with a small display for cakes, and vats of homemade drinks/mixes overhead where the lights are.


Cakes on the left, home-made brews overhead!

There are also random science lab-y paraphernalia around, such as the little medicinal bottles of syrup, sugar, etc by the condiments and water station. They stay true to their motto – We Experiment – and keep coming up with really cool DIY implements to display in the restaurant. You can’t see it clearly in the photo above but the cake station has a set of test tubes forming their “tea brew bar”. There’s a better¬†photo on their Facebook page¬†here. There’s also a really old-school weighing scale/beam at the water station:


The menu is pleasantly diverse. It’s a largely-Western offering, but not your usual fish and chips/pasta fare. They’ve got burgers, goulash (which is a type of meat/vegetable stew seasoned with paprika and other spices), meatballs, fish, stuffed bell peppers – the whole kit and caboodle! Here’s a look at the full menu:

The_Lab_Menu  The_Lab_Menu_Dessert

The_Lab_Menu_Drinks  The_Lab_Dessert_Menu

I opted for the Heisenberger (S$15), which is 6 ounces of homemade patty with turkey bacon, caramelised onion, tomato coulis, mesclun salad and Danish blue cheese aioli. Being more an experimental lab than a restaurant, naturally they named this burger after German Physicist Werner Heisenberg, whose atomic research was critical during the World War II. I was also wondering if they named it after Walter White from the TV show Breaking Bad, since that’s all about Chemistry too (okay it’s really about crystal meth, but trust me there’s a lot of Chemistry in it).


Burger murder!


A teeny tiny beaker of sauce! Adorbs.

I enjoyed the burger. It’s really tasty – the saltiness of the turkey bacon strip, the juiciness of the beef patty, and all the sauces combined to make a delicious burger overall. The sweet potato fries were very yummy and didn’t make you feel as guilty as regular fries would have. However, I found the patty a little too crumbly. After cutting the burger in half, the patty fell apart into a few parts. I know it’s a homemade patty, but I wish they¬†had found a way to make the patty stick together better. That aside, it’s a really decent offering!

I also shared some of my friend’s Hungarian Goulash (S$17) which is the beef stew on a crusty bread bowl, accompanied by grilled Dutch carrots. No photos unfortunately, but here’s a photo from The Lab SG’s Facebook account! I thought it was really yummy – the bread bowl was beautifully crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The stew was pretty good but I wish there were more of it! The carrot tasted pretty raw, but I didn’t mind that! Raw carrots can be pretty delish when you’re in the right mood.

We also ordered The Lab Drumlets (S$9) with a WILD spiciness level. Again, no photos because we were too ravenous and started eating immediately, but they were really quite shiok! And boy were they spicy too; there were actual chilli seeds on the coating. It was amazing. So, so delicious. Go try them soon!

To round off the meal we got several slices of cake to share. My friend did all the ordering so I wasn’t sure how much each slice cost, but they were all really good!


My favourite! I believe this is called the Chocolate Midnight Stack.


Tropical earl grey! The cake itself was a little dehydrated, but it tasted delicious.


Peanut butter cake! Not my thang, but the texture was perfectly soft.

What’s missing is a photo of the banana cake, which was almost as good as the chocolate cake! It was really moist and flavourful; very very yummy.

I’ll definitely be going back to The Lab SG to try more of the menu. My friend had the La Carte Le Fish (S$17), which is the pan-fried and oven-grilled barramundi wrapped in turkey bacon, and he said it was amazing. Will def go back and report to you guys!

Things to note: Only cash or nets payment accepted here. Reservations only for 6-15 pax. You order and pay at the counter before getting your food! Prices are nett; there is no additional GST or service charge!

The Lab SG,
1 Jalan Pisang, #01-01,
Singapore 199069

Reservations (only for 6-15 pax): + 65 6299 5681

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 1230pm to 10pm (last kitchen order 915pm)
Sundays: 1pm to 930pm (last kitchen order 845pm)

**The Lab is permanently closed ūüė¶ **


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